What You Talking About, WBO’s?

In an article published this weekend on the Huffington Post, Web.com took a survey of over 600 members of the National Association Of Women Business Owners to find out what trends are important to their success.
Wait a minute? Did you know that G&S Electronic Inc. is a Women Owned Business? That’s right, a company of top valley electrical contractors and photovoltaic installers is owned by a woman! Roof top solar designers and on-site electricians, as well as electrical journeymen all have to answer to: a woman!

In 2005, business owner and manager Jaysen Fails purchased the family owned G&S Electric Inc., from his father. When he proposed to his wife, Jerrie, he made certain the commitment would last by making her 51% owner of G&S Electric Inc. Who knew one of the best electricians in Phoenix was such a romantic? We knew and we wanted to share our love story with you, our family of customers.

So what do Women Business Owners think according to the survey published? While we all still have skepticism about our current economy, most women business owners do believe an increase and real sales will be seen in coming months. Optimism was one of the largest area’s women business owners fared better than male business owners. That perspective may help them endure failures to achieve more successes. Go women!

Additionally, the survey reported that most women business owners felt that now is a good time to expand business. Now may be the time to start preparing for the economic bounce back of good times for which many small businesses have been waiting. The number one business trend that women business owners continue to look at is ways to make their business more mobile. With virtual offices, ready to go full service trucks, and remote management; G&S Electric Inc. seems to be onboard with mobile electrical contractors.

If you have a brick and mortar space expanding, chances are you will be in need of electrical work. Why not hire electrical contractors who are part of a Women Owned Business? Take the time to read our reviews that speak to the comfort of dealing with our team of electricians. Read how our customers speak to the friendliness and professional attitude our top valley electricians provide.

If you are a Woman Owned Business, use a Woman Owned Business to support the empowerment of women business owners. Many home owners who are single women may have reservations about dealing with electricians. Like getting a car repaired, there is a common fear that male dominated industries take advantage of perceived lack of experience/knowledge in women.

It may be safe to say that G&S Electric Inc. is the top rated electrical contractor business for single women. When our customers want answers, they know the electricians responsible answer to a woman owner.

May brings us Mother’s Day, and when looking to install roof top solar on that retirement home for mom, or that new electrical hook up for mom’s new electric car, call G&S Electric Inc. and send some women owned electrical contractors out to help. When mom needs a panel upgrade, or some rewiring for that new ceiling fan, tell her to relax; the electrician you are sending to her home has to answer to a woman and will have plenty of manners.

Women Business Owners Shed Light on Top Small Business Trends in 2014

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